class rhino3dm.BrepFace

Gets the untrimmed surface that is the base of this face.

Returns:A surface, or None on error.
Return type:rhino3dm.Surface

Duplicate a face from the brep to create new single face brep.

Parameters:duplicateMeshes (bool) – If true, shading meshes will be copied as well.
Returns:A new single-face brep synonymous with the current Face.
Return type:rhino3dm.Brep

Gets a copy to the untrimmed surface that this face is based on.

Returns:A copy of this face’s underlying surface.
Return type:rhino3dm.Surface

Obtains a reference to a specified type of mesh for this brep face.

Parameters:meshType (MeshType) – The mesh type.
Returns:A mesh.
Return type:rhino3dm.Mesh