This guide will take you through how to upload Iris models to a webserver. By doing this you can share your model with anyone with an internet connection. This guide assumes you have already successfully exported an Iris model. You will need some information including:

After you have the information specified above, and you’ve installed an FTP Client, we can move on to actually uploading the files.

  1. Open Filezilla and go to File -> Site Manager.
  2. Click on New Site and give it a title.
  3. In the Host area, add the url/domain name for the webserver.
  4. Change Logon Type to Normal.
  5. In User, add the username.
  6. In Password, add the password.
  7. Once everything is entered, click Connect. This should close the Site Manager and you should see some activity in the Filezilla console. If you have errors connecting, please refer to your webserver ftp credentials and ensure they are entered correctly.
  8. In Filezilla, the webserver is represented on the right (the Remote site). This is a directory structure, much like your hard drive, with the files for your website. We recommend creating a directory where your Iris archives will be stored. Navigate to this directory you’ve just created.
  9. You can navigate to the location on your hard drive under the Local site on the left. Once you find the Iris archive you want to upload, click and drag the top-most directory which contains the files.
  10. Once the upload is complete, open up your favorite web browser and navigate to the domain and subdirectory where you stored your Iris archive. If all goes well, you should see your model appear.